• Image of WH Questions with Visual Choices

    Using Visuals to Teach WH Questions + Free WH Question Visual Chart!

    If you do speech therapy with students on the autism spectrum, you probably hear over and over again that you need incorporate visuals to help your students increase comprehension. Visuals can be so helpful for students! So how can you incorporate visuals when working on WH questions in speech therapy? Here are some ideas! Using WH Questions with Visual Choices This is where most people start – offering a field of 2-4 visual choices to answer a WH question. Using visual choices is a great strategy that I definitely use. Unfortunately, this is where most people stop incorporating visuals as well. Offering just visual answer choices helps students comprehend the…

  • toddler pointing in book to encourage reading in toddlers

    Bear Sees Colors for Speech Therapy

    Back when I lived in Boston, one of my favorite teachers that I worked with recommended that I buy any of the Bear books by Karma Wilson from the school’s book fair. I’m so glad she did because the book Bear Sees Colors has gotten A LOT of use over the past few years during therapy with students in early intervention, preschool, and even with early communicators in elementary school. This post contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended.   Literacy-based lessons are wonderful for so many reasons, but I love Bear Sees Colors by…

  • apple craft for speech therapy

    Apples Activities for Speech Therapy + Free Printable

    When I worked as a speech therapist with preschool and early elementary special education classrooms (my caseload primarily had students on the autism spectrum), a popular fall theme in the classrooms was APPLES! Often the kindergartners would join their inclusion classrooms to go on an apple picking field trip to end the unit. This post contains affiliate links, which means we could receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. Apple-themed Activities for Speech Therapy:   Describing Apples Activities   I used this Apple Describing Communication Board in two ways: As a worksheet or communication board to teach the describing words in a…

  • Image of Flower Shop Dramatic Play

    Flower Shop Dramatic Play for Speech Therapy (Free Printable!)

    One of my favorite speech therapy activities is the flower shop pretend play activity for preschoolers. It's perfect to play at home too! I like to use this activity to target both dramatic play as well as describing words. Keep scrolling for a free visual that kids can use as a as a “menu” to order flowers using describing words.

  • Sensory Bin Fillers for preschool, toddlers and kindergarten

    50+ Sensory Bin Fillers – Plus a Free, Printable List

    Every time I put together a new sensory bin for my daughter, she is so excited! (And so am I because sensory bins are perfect for both interactive play as well as independent play!) Here are a list of sensory bin fillers (for the “base” of your sensory bin) you can use for sensory play. Just add seasonal items or items that target learning goals and you are all set!