• free toddler visual schedule to reduce tantrums

    Toddler Visual Schedule with Movable Icons (Free Printable!)

    This post is inspired by the newfound “independence” of my toddler. (A.K.A saying, “No No No!” about everything). Once we get back home from our Christmas holiday traveling, I've decided to try using a toddler visual schedule. (It can be used for older kids too!) Want to try using a schedule along with us? Download a free visual schedule below with interchangeable icons. Let’s try this out together!

  • child playing with best toys for speech and language

    Best Toys for Language Development for Toddlers and Preschoolers

    When it comes to increasing your child's language development, the best types of toys are those that lend themselves to interactive play. It's really the communication that happens while playing with the toy that is so important. These are all toys that I've used for speech-language therapy or with my own child. Hope you enjoy this list! If you have more suggestions for readers, please put them in the comments section below!

  • speech therapy at home parallel talk

    Self-Talk, Parallel Talk and Expansion: Explained for Parents

    Before your toddler is even talking, he is a sponge – absorbing everything you say! That’s why it’s important HOW YOU talk to your toddler in order to help him learn to talk. This is especially true if your child is a late talker, has special needs, or is in speech therapy.   Three things that I do with my clients in speech therapy and with my own toddler are called Parallel Talk, Self-Talk and Expansion.   Below I’ll go over each of these ideas – they are really simple to incorporate into your day! And keep reading to learn more about how to determine what level to talk to…