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Articulation Crafts for Speech Therapy (and Language!)

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Why should you use crafts in speech therapy? Here’s some reasons:

  1. Crafts can be engaging for students
  2. Crafts keep hands busy between trials when working in small groups
  3. They can often be adapted to work for mixed groups
  4. Students can take crafts home and to show parents – and work on carry-over!
  5. They are cute for Speech Room bulletin boards!

Using Open-Ended Crafts for Articulation

apple speech therapy craft

You can use a simple, open-ended craft (like these roll-a-cutie crafts or something you find on Pinterest) to work on articulation drills. Just combine with a set of articulation cards/list and have your student practice a certain number of targets before doing the next step of the craft.

This can work out really well when you have a small group because it can keep hands busy while you work with another student!

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No-Prep Crafts for Speech Therapy

Let’s face it – sometimes it’s nice to have a print-and-go activity ready! (Keep scrolling to see ideas for different seasons and holidays)

This popular lift-the-flap apple pie craft is great to use for all your articulation students (and it even has language targets included)!

The apple slices have articulation or language targets on them. Students can practice each target while they color, cut, and then glue to get more trials in!

Apple Craft for Speech Therapy

Grab this fall speech therapy craft to use during apple units, Thanksgiving, or anytime during the fall season!

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picture of halloween speech therapy craft

Halloween is always a fun time to break out a craft to shake things up and feel festive! Grab this Vampire Craft here!

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thanksgiving speech therapy craft

Thanksgiving always makes me think of turkeys – but in this craft the turkey is doing the eating! Grab this Thanksgiving speech therapy craft here!

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picture of christmas cookies craft for speech therapy

Yum! This Cookies for Santa Christmas Craft is sure to be a hit with your students!

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picture of yeti craft for speech therapy

This cute Yeti has been busy – Grab the winter cut-and-glue craft here!

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picture of Valentine's Day Craft for Speech Therapy

This lift-the-flap Valentine’s Day Jar craft is filled with hearts that target articulation and language goals!

picture of spring speech therapy craft birds nest

This bird’s nest craft is perfect for spring!

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picture of st patrick's day speech therapy craft with Lucky Charms

This Lucky Charms Craft is perfect to add a St. Patrick’s Day theme to your sessions!

Love using Speech Therapy Crafts all year long? You’ll want to grab the Craft Bundle at a big discount!

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