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Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Activities

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Winter can feel like a long season, so Valentine’s day speech therapy activities are a great way to add a fun theme to therapy toward the end of winter! Here are some ideas for language therapy, social skills, and articulation!


Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Activities:

Valentine’s Day Following Directions Worksheets

Do your students love to color? It can be a calming activity for many students.

picture of valentine's day following directions coloring activity

If you have students working on auditory comprehension skills/following directions goals, these Valentine’s Day Following Directions Coloring Sheets are for you! They are print-and-go and feature 1-step and 2-step directions including temporal directions.

Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy Crafts

I love a good craft – great for engaging students and getting in multiple trials! Plus, students love to show off a craft at home, which makes them great for carry-over.

picture of Valentine's Day Craft for Speech Therapy

If you are looking for a craft to keep your students’ hands busy while working on articulation or language goals, you could try this cute Valentine’s Candy Jar Craft! The hearts have articulation or language targets on them. Students can practice each target while they color, cut, and then glue to get more trials in!

picture of lovebug Valentine's Day Craft Speech Therapy

If you are looking for a more open-ended craft to use for Valentine’s Day. This Roll-a-Lovebug Craft is just what you need!

This activity is both a game and craft in one! It’s a great open-ended activity to target a variety of early language and social skills.

I often use this type of activity for small groups of students on the autism spectrum or with students who use AAC. Gluing on items (rather than drawing) is often easier for students with fine motor difficulties. (Note – this one does require drawing the legs, which can just be lines)

Valentine’s Day Books for Speech Therapy

This post contains affiliate links, which means we could receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended.

Here are a few Valentine’s Day Books you might enjoy using for speech-language therapy:

  • Mr. Goat’s Valentine by Eve Bunting: This silly story is great for making inferences about who Mr. Goat’s “first love” is.

  • Franklin’s Valentines by Paulette Bourgeoise: This story is great for learning about emotions and perspective taking.

My Favorite Things about Valentine’s Day Booklet

Who doesn’t love talking about their favorite things? I like this Valentine’s Day Favorite Things booklet because it is “errorless” and focuses on sharing opinions. (Just because there are no “right” answers, doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of opportunities to practice language skills – like social skills, vocabulary, turn-taking, etc.)

picture of Valentine's Day Speech Therapy Activities

I love to use this to work on early communication and social skills in small groups! The booklet is a fun activity that encourages sharing opinions with peers for students who benefit from visual choices. (Plus, it can be differentiated, making it perfect for speech groups!)

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Valentine’s Day WH Questions

Do you feel like you are always targeting Wh- Questions? You can shake things up by using some Valentine’s Day WH questions with your students!

I made these Valentine’s Day WH- question cards that include lots of visuals to help your students with comprehension of both the question and of the answer choices.

picture of Valentine's Day WH Questions speech therapy

I like to use this FREE Wh- Types Chart to teach (and prompt) the different types of Wh- Questions.

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Valentine’s Day Short Stories with WH Questions

picture of Valentine's Day Short Stories Wh Questions Speech Therapy

Looking for slightly more challenging WH- questions? These Valentine’s Day short stories (about a paragraph long) are perfect for students working on differentiation between WH question types or for students working on auditory comprehension and memory recall.

This set includes three levels of support:

  • Level 1: Includes multiple choices with pictures. Students can cut and paste the answers.
  • Level 2: Includes written multiple choices. Students can cut and paste the answers.
  • Level 3: Students write-in their answers to the WH questions.

Valentine’s Day Articulation Activity

picture of Valentine's Day Articulation Boom Cards

Spice up typical articulation practice with a Valentine’s Day-themed set of BOOM Cards where students “feed” the (cute) monsters to reveal the target word and work on those articulation drills!

Want to Bundle and Save?

Here’s a Bundle of early language Valentine’s Day activities (includes lots of visuals!):

picture of Valentine's day Speech and Language Activities

Or You might like this Valentine’s Day Speech-Language Bundle :

picture of Valentines Day Speech Therapy Activities



For early language learners who benefit from LOTS of VISUALS, check out the Early Language MEGA Bundle:picture of speech language activities bundle

Or for a caseload with a mix of language and articulation needs, check out this Speech & Language Bundle:

Picture of Speech Therapy Activities Cover

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