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Mother’s Day Speech Therapy Activity with Visuals for AAC & Autism

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A lot of the mothers of children who are non-verbal/minimally verbal/AAC users or on the autism spectrum with emerging communication skills don’t get those cute Mother’s Day questionnaires and crafts sent home. And it hurts my heart because I know those moms just want a little insight into what their child is thinking and feeling about them.

That’s why I love this Mother’s Day Speech Therapy Activity with visual choices! It is a sweet project that you can have students bring home to mom – all while practicing their communication skills. I love it as a 1:1 activity or a small group project.

picture of Mother's Day Speech Therapy Activity

There are five booklet pages plus a cover. Includes alternative versions for “grandmother” and “auntie.”

Pages/Questions include:

  • favorite way to have fun with mom
  • favorite meal to eat with mom
  • something that mom is good at
  • the prettiest thing about mom
  • a Mother’s day wish for mom

**There are 4-5 visual choices per question.

To use, just cut the pages apart and staple the side to make booklets for each student. The final pages are visual choices for each question.

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Differentiation Ideas for Mother’s Day Speech Therapy Activity:

In a small group setting, some students might be gluing answers while others will be writing/drawing! Here’s some ideas for differentiation:

• Read the question and choices aloud and have the student touch his/her choice. Help the student glue on his answer.

• OR have the student touch his/her choice, glue it, and then have the student repeat the word after you model it (verbally or via AAC).

• OR help the student read the question and/or label the choices as able. Have the student glue on the item and then write his/her answer next to the picture.

• OR after going over the question, show the student the visual choices but have him/her write the item and draw a picture instead of gluing the picture.

• OR after presenting the question, see if the student can generate an answer himself. If not offer verbal suggestions and finally visual choices.


Extend this Mother’s Day Speech and Language Activity:

To extend this activity, you can have each student present one of his favorite things to the group! And of course, you can send the booklet home for students to share with the family.


Here’s what Julie K. had to say after  using this activity: “Wonderful Mother’s Day activity. My students were able to pick their favorite thing about their mom and giggled when they know they picked something their mom might not like or something special they love about their mom. Loved doing this with them, but also loved hearing how the mom’s enjoyed receiving them. “
picture of Mother's Day autism activity with visual choices
If you love this style, you can use this bundle of “favorite things” booklets all year (includes seasonal themes and holidays):
picture of favorite things booklets with visuals for autism

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