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10 Wordless Picture Books for Speech Therapy

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Do you use wordless picture books for speech therapy? They are great for getting language samples! Just open the book and have the student tell you what they think is happening.

But wordless picture books can also be used to target skills such as making inferences, creating a narrative, and answering questions.

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Wordless Picture Books for Speech Therapy:

Good Night, Gorilla:

This silly book is great for younger children. As the zoo keeper says goodnight to all the animals, the gorilla secretly lets them all out of their cages and they follow the zoo keeper back to his house and climb into his bed. (Sound like any young children you know?)

Good Night, Gorilla can be paired with mini-objects from this Story Kit  from Speech & Smile’s Etsy Shop for extra fun and engagement

Pancakes for Breakfast:

In this book the main character wants to make pancakes, but she faces one problem after another! Don’t worry, she figures out a way to eat some pancakes in the end.


In this beautifully illustrated book, a group of children finds a bag of magical chalk. They can make anything they draw appear. It’s all fun and games until they make a T-rex!

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Good Dog, Carl

Carl the dog babysits while Mom is away. The baby and Carl get into all kinds of shenanigans, but Carl is a good dog and cleans up before Mom returns.

A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog – A Classic Wordless Picture Book for Speech Therapy

This is part of a classic series of wordless picture books by Mercer Mayer. In this one, the boy and his dog go fishing and end up trying – very unsuccessfully – to catch a frog that is taunting them. Eventually, they leave without the frog. But then the frog is lonely so he follows them back to the boy’s home and becomes one of the boy’s beloved pets. You get to see the frog in other books in the series!

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This one is a bit more complex and has a “blow your mind” feel to it. A boy finds an old camera washed up on the beach. He gets the film developed and finds incredible, crazy pictures. He realizes he is not the first kid to find this camera so he becomes a part of the camera’s story himself!

Talk with Me – The Big Book of Exclamations

This book is a bit different from the ones above because it does not have a story. It was created by speech-language pathologists and is intended to elicit language through everyday scenes. The book also provides prompting ideas.


The Red Book

A boy finds a red book that takes him on an adventure.

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Field Trip to the Moon

When a class goes on a field trip to the moon, one student strays from the group to color a picture and gets left behind.

Journey – Part of Aaron Becker’s Wordless Trilogy

A bored girl draws a door and that is the beginning of a journey where her imagination can take her anywhere!


I hope you enjoy some of these books with your students!

What is your favorite wordless picture book? Share in the comments so other therapists and parents can check it out!

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