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Best YouTube Videos for Speech Therapy

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Using YouTube videos for speech therapy can be a great way to grab students’ attention and to target so many language skills. The following YouTube videos are ones that I used when working with preschool and elementary-aged students on the autism spectrum, many of whom were minimally verbal and used AAC.

Best YouTube Videos for Speech Therapy:

Target: “Quiet Hands”/Impulse Control

I loved to use this catchy music video with cookie monster to start off my small groups in the preschool classroom. I had visual icons of “quiet hands” and of “play” ready to go. Then I would set a moderately desirable toy set in the center of the table.

During the verses, I would have the students “go crazy” and touch the toys as much as they wanted. Then when the chorus started with “But me wait,” I would pause and show the “quiet hands” icon and let everyone get settled and they we’d watch/sing the chorus. Repeat until the song is finished.

Target: Whole Body Listening

If your school uses “whole body listening” then this video is great! When I used it in a speech group, I would start the group with the video. I paired it with a laminated student that had a mouth, ears, and hands that could be stuck on to give it a hands-on element.

Target: Yes/No Opinions

This one is great for students with AAC – I like to pause after each question of  “Do you like _____?” And it’s really silly, which the students like!

Target: Identifying Feelings

You can identify the feelings from the video by matching to flashcards or if the student uses AAC, you can model the feeling and then have the student label the feelings from the video.

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Target: Prepositions & Answering “Where” Questions

In this video, the monkey is in different places in a bedroom. Each time the man asks, “Where is the monkey?” you can pause and have the student use the correct preposition to answer the question before you restart the video.

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Target: Weather Vocabulary

Most students get to target weather during morning circle time, but if your student needs some extra practice in order to carry-over to the larger group, this song is perfect!

Target: Playing Classic Children’s Games

I did a series of push-in speech groups where I targeted some classic children’s games. I used this as a video model for Duck, Duck, Goose (They have a video for Simon Says also.) I paired this game with a two-button talker that I recorded “duck” and “goose” on for students who needed it.

Target: Actions & Pretending

I like this action/movement song because it shows real kids doing the movements, which can be helpful as a video model for students who need it. You can target labeling animals, imitating movements, and pretending.

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Target: Articulation

If you are looking for a way to practice words with specific initial sounds KidsTV123 on YouTube has a whole set of these videos for different sounds. You can pause the video and have the student practice words or make up sentences for the words!


I hope you find some of these helpful with your caseload!


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