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Spring Speech Therapy Themes

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I wanted to do a bit of a “brain dump” of all the spring speech therapy themes I could think of. My hope is that reading through these theme ideas will get your creative juices flowing when it comes to planning your speech therapy sessions this spring!

Spring Speech Therapy Themes:

Easter basket filler idease for toddlers

Baby Animals:

spring speech therapy themes flowers


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Playing Outside:

  • scavenger hunt
  • drawing with chalk (describing, following directions)
  • bubbles
  • finding insects
  • jumping in puddles


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  • ladybugs
  • Book: The Very Lazy Ladybug
  • bumblebees
  • butterflies (life cycle)
  • insect nature hunt
  • describing differences in insects
  • insect sensory bin (with toy insects of course!)

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Pond Life:

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  • nests
  • easter eggs (hide targets in them, have students lead you to hidden eggs with verbal directions)
  • dye or decorate eggs

Rain – Spring Speech Therapy Theme:

  • puddles
  • umbrellas
  • raincoat/rain boots/clothing
  • clouds/thunder
  • wet/dry concepts

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toddler pointing in book to encourage reading in toddlers

Animals coming out of Hibernation:

Spring Holidays:

Spring Speech Therapy themed-resources you might enjoy:

picture of spring speech therapy bundle cover


spring speech therapy activities


picture of cover of boom cards spring articulation

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