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Christmas Speech Therapy Activities

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Those 2-3 weeks in December before school gets out can feel like an eternity (when is break starting!?!), but it can also be a time to add some fun, Christmas speech therapy activities into your sessions!


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Christmas Speech Therapy Themes:

  • Cookies/Baking
  • Gingerbread (houses or cookies)
  • gifts – receiving and giving (see social skills idea below)
  • Reindeer
  • Mail (Letters to Santa or Holiday Cards)
  • Stockings
  • Christmas trees/pine trees
  • Decorating
  • Hot Cocoa

Christmas Speech Therapy Activities:

Whether you are looking to add a Christmasy-twist to some old favorites (like following directions or WH- Questions) or you want to target some holiday-specific social skills, I’ve got some ideas for you! (Note: These ideas are all for students who are working on language goals.)

Christmas Craft for Speech Therapy

Any craft can be made in to a rich language experience. (Tip – choose something that is not too challenging for your students so they can focus on the language.) Pinterest is full great ideas!

picture of reindeer craft for speech therapy

When I worked with students in a substantially separate classroom setting, I found that a lot of crafts were too hard due to challenges with fine motor skills. Gluing with glue sticks was a task that these students were successful with. This Roll-a-Reindeer craft uses gluing and a simple dice game to incorporate early social skills (turn taking, passing the dice, talking to a group).

picture of roll a reindeer

Christmas Social Skills Activity

Social skills around gifts can be tricky for students on the autism spectrum. A fun Christmas social skills group activity is to practice opening a “bad” present. You can set this up by wrapping a few presents in boxes with lids and in gift bags (not in wrapping paper) so that they can be used repeatedly. You can put in something silly or just something a little dull like socks.

Have the students practice saying something nice even if they don’t like the item. If you use the Social Thinking Curriculum, this can be a great time to work on the “social fake.”

Next, have a discussion about how this might work at their own holiday celebrations. You can also have students share about gifts the students have received in the past that were not their favorites.

I also did a similar activity with students with early communication skills, most of whom used a combination of AAC and verbalizations. In that group, we practiced saying “thank you” in the way that would most likely be used at home during the holidays, whether that was AAC, verbally, or with sign language.

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Christmas WH Questions for Speech Therapy

Do you feel like you are always targeting Wh- Questions? You can shake things up by using some Christmas WH questions with your students!

I made these Christmas WH- question cards that include lots of visuals to help your students with comprehension of both the question and of the answer choices. (There’s also a BOOM Cards version here)


I like to use this FREE Wh- Types Chart to teach (and prompt) the different types of Wh- Questions.

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Christmas Coloring Following Directions Activity

Coloring is so motivating for some students. (And it can be a calming activity – bonus!) For early communicators, you can work on holiday vocabulary, requesting colors, and expanding utterances. You can pair this with any simple holiday-themed coloring page – I like to check out the Dollar Tree for coloring books.

For students who are working on following directions goals, you can use Christmas coloring sheets paired with directions at their skill level. If you want a print-and-go version of Christmas coloring pages and directions, you can check this set out.

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Christmas Favorite Things Activity

Who doesn’t love talking about their favorite things? I like this holiday-themed booklet because it is “errorless” and focuses on sharing opinions. (Just because there are no “right” answers, doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of opportunities to practice language skills – like social skills, holiday vocabulary, turn taking, etc.)

This “Christmas Favorite Things” booklet (also has a “holiday” version) is a fun activity that encourages sharing opinions with peers for students who benefit from visual choices. (Plus, it can be differentiated, making it perfect for speech groups!)

In this Christmas speech and language activity, students fill in five pages about their favorite holiday things (i.e. Holiday activity, treat, character, decorations, etc.) by gluing in a picture or by writing and drawing. Some students might be generating their own ideas while others are using visual choices. They can share their answers with the group or compare with a friend.

Looking for a bundle of some of these Christmas speech therapy activities at a discount?

Here’s one for early language therapy (does not include the following directions activity):

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