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Free Wh Question Cards – Printable or BOOM Cards Versions

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I made this set of Wh Question cards with a functional, grocery-store theme that I’m giving away right here on SpeakPlayLove.com! The free wh question cards are large and include visuals, making them perfect for both verbal and non-verbal students.

The visuals and low-distraction backgrounds are ideal for students on the autism spectrum or any young learner.


free wh question cards for speech therapy

Each Free WH- Question Card includes:

  • A written WH question
  • A large picture related to the question to increase comprehension
  • Three visual answer choices paired with written words

These cards utilize Picture Communication Symbols® (PCS/Boardmaker symbols – used with permission), which are familiar to many special education students, including students on the autism spectrum and/or who use AAC.

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functional wh questions

Ideas for Differentiation:

• Cover the three answer choices as you read the question aloud to your student with the visual aid picture (large picture) visible. If your student is able, s/he may answer verbally or using his/her personal AAC device without choices.

• If not, uncover the three answer choices and read the options aloud as you point to each one.

• If this is too difficult, only uncover two (or one) choices to start (or offer a prompt such as a gesture or verbal prompt)

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Boom Cards Version of Free WH Question Cards

If you’d prefer a no-print, self-checking version of this activity, I have a BOOM Cards version as well! Please note that you do have to be connected to the internet to use BOOM Cards.


Just fill out the form below to have both the printable and the BOOM Cards sent right to your email inbox!

Looking for more Question Cards with Visuals? Check out these resources in my store (click on the picture for more info):

wh questions with visual choices

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