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How We Get Free Books in the Mail

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This is just a quick post to share a great program that sends free books to your child!


When Sylvie was born, the wonderful nurses at our hospital practically forced us to sign up for the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program (not that I’m complaining!). They even offered to mail in the registration form for us, which was great since I was in a pain-medication-induced fog after an unexpected C-section.

Those first days were magical – but rough!


Ever since Sylvie was one month old, she has received an age-appropriate book in the mail every single month. All we had to do was fill out that one short form.

She gets so excited when we check the mail and there is a book for her! It’s such a great way to foster an interest in reading. Plus, kiddos love getting something in the mail sent just to them.


stack of free children's books
These are just some of the books we’ve gotten since Sylvie was born!


It turns out that the Imagination Library program is available in certain counties throughout the US as well as areas in the UK, Canada and Australia. Unfortunately, not every county/area offers the program. (We live in Onondaga County in NY.)


You can see if you are in a participating area by clicking here. Fingers crossed – I hope you can get free books too!


And since I love pictures of babies reading books – here are some pics to brighten your day:



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We love getting our baby, toddler and preschool books in the mail - Find out if your area participates in this great literacy program! #speakplaylove #toddlerbooks #preschoolbooks #earlyliteracy #kidlit #picturebooks #earlylearning #speechtherapy

Early literacy program that sends free books. Find out if your area particpates. Great way to promote reading in babies and children. #speakplaylove #kidlit #toddlerbooks #preschoolbooks #babybooks #boardbooks #languagedevelopment

Find out how we get free children's books sent to our house through a great literacy program. It's available in select areas - find out if your area participates! #speakplaylove #toddlerbooks #preschoolbooks #earlyliteracy #kidlit #picturebooks #earlylearning #speechtherapy

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  • Mary

    Hi There. Thank you so much for sharing information about Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. I am going to see if I can get it in my community, which is currently not within their service area. I noticed every time you spelled her last name, it is “Pardon”. That amuses me.

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