• Mother reading with baby to encourage language development

    How to Raise a Reader – 8 Tips for Reading with Infants and Toddlers

    My mom vowed that she would do everything she could to make reading easier for me than it was for her, and so she read to me every day from infancy. And it worked! I was a complete bookworm all through school. BUT what if you have a resistant reader (aka resistant listener) from the start? Maybe you are trying to read to your infant or toddler but they are just not interested. Don’t worry – I’ll talk about that too!

  • Toddler surrounded by free books from literacy program

    How We Get Free Books in the Mail

    This is just a quick post to share a great program that sends free books to your child! When Sylvie was born, the wonderful nurses at our hospital practically forced us to sign up for the Dolly Pardon’s Imagination Library program (not that I’m complaining!). They even offered to mail in the registration form for us, which was great since I was in a pain-medication-induced fog after an unexpected C-section.

  • Using Bear Sees Colors in speech therapy at home

    Here’s One of My Favorite Books: How I Use Bear Sees Colors Book for Language Development

    Back when I lived in Boston and worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the schools, one of my favorite teachers that I worked with recommended this book from the school’s book fair. I’m so glad she did because this book has gotten A LOT of use over the past few years during therapy with preschoolers and now with my own little girl! Here’s how YOU can use this book to increase language development with your child: