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Free Speech Therapy Ice Breaker Activity – AAC, Autism

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Looking for a speech therapy ice breaker activity that can be used with your students who need visual supports? This free “School Favorite Things” booklet is ideal to use in individual or group speech therapy sessions with students in special education classrooms.

I’ll go over ideas for differentiation below, so you can also use this activity with verbal students alongside non-verbal students in a group!

Free Speech Therapy Ice Breaker Activity:

This activity works on sharing opinions, error-less choice-making, and early social skills!

free speech therapy ice breaker

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Set-up for Your Speech Therapy Ice Breaker Activity

  • Print copies for each student
  • Cut the five booklet pages and cover apart
  • Staple on the side to make booklets for each student
  • The final pages are visual choices for each question. You may need to pre-cut these for some students. For others, you can give them the page of answer choices to cut themselves. Some students will be writing/drawing their answers – see ideas for differentiation below!
  • Collect scissors, glue, and markers for your students

Ideas for Differentiation

Suggestions start from most restrictive and go to least-restrictive:

  • Read the question and choices aloud and have the student touch his choice. Help the student glue on his answer.
  • Have the student touch her choice, glue it, and then have the student repeat the word after your model (verbally or via AAC device).
  • Help the student label the choices as able. Have the student glue on the item and then write/draw his answer next to the picture if able.
  • After presenting the question, show the student the visual choices but have her write the item and draw a picture instead of gluing the picture.
  • After presenting the question, see if the student can generate an answer himself. If not, offer verbal suggestions and finally visual choices.

In a small group setting, some students might be gluing answers while others will be writing/drawing!

ice breaker activity for speech therapy
This is a Valentine’s Day booklet, but you can see an example of gluing and writing/drawing with a marker!

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Extend the Activity

Extend the activity by having each student present one of his or her favorite things to the group!

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Build on These Skills throughout the Year

If your students enjoy this type of activity, you might love this bundle of early language activities that you can use throughout the year. It has tons of visuals to help your students work on both expressive and receptive language!

picture of speech language activities bundle


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