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Free Short Stories with WH Questions for Speech Therapy

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If you read my blog or subscribe to my email list, you might know that I create A LOT of Wh- Questions activities. Well, I’m excited because I just started a new line of WH- Questions resources about short stories/passages (about a paragraph long)!

Short Stories Speech Therapy Activity

I’d love for you to try out three of the passages for free!

This activity is perfect for learning to differentiate between the types of WH Questions and for working on auditory comprehension skills.

I know a lot students benefit from visual supports, so I was sure to include visuals for each passage.

(Psst. . . I also have a full set of 15 passages here!)

Three Levels of Support for Short Stories with WH Questions

Each short story has three levels of support for answering WH questions.

Level One: Students answer WH questions by matching to a picture choice. They can cut and glue the answer into the table.

picture of level 1 short stories speech therapy

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Level Two: Students answer WH questions by matching to written choice. They can cut and glue the answer into the table.

picture of level 2 short stories wh questions free

Level Three: Students write-in answers to WH questions.

***Cut apart the story and the questions to target auditory comprehension***

picture of level 3 wh questions worksheets

I hope you find these passages useful! Fill out the form below to get the free short stories delivered right to your email!

More Short Stories with WH Questions

If you’re looking for additional WH- Questions practice, check out my full set of fifteen short stories with wh questions here!

short stories wh questions

It includes 15 passages (6-9 sentences long) and Wh- Questions to go with it – who, what, when, where, why and how questions are all included!

OR you can grab my Bundle of Short Stories with WH Questions that includes the passages above as well as seasonal-themed sets!


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