• language development bath time

    7 Tips to Encourage Language Development During Bath Time

    Toddlers and preschoolers take baths A LOT! Heck, I throw my toddler in the tub sometimes when she’s still clean - just so she can play! If you have a child that enjoys bath time, it’s a great opportunity to work on communication and language development. So . . .How Can You Increase Language Development in the Bathtub? Here are 7 tips to try:

  • Toddler surrounded by free books from literacy program

    How We Get Free Books in the Mail

    This is just a quick post to share a great program that sends free books to your child! When Sylvie was born, the wonderful nurses at our hospital practically forced us to sign up for the Dolly Pardon’s Imagination Library program (not that I’m complaining!). They even offered to mail in the registration form for us, which was great since I was in a pain-medication-induced fog after an unexpected C-section.

  • Using Bear Sees Colors in speech therapy at home

    Here’s One of My Favorite Books: How I Use Bear Sees Colors Book for Language Development

    Back when I lived in Boston and worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the schools, one of my favorite teachers that I worked with recommended this book from the school’s book fair. I’m so glad she did because this book has gotten A LOT of use over the past few years during therapy with preschoolers and now with my own little girl! Here’s how YOU can use this book to increase language development with your child:

  • speech therapy at home parallel talk

    Self-Talk, Parallel Talk and Expansion: Explained for Parents

    Before your toddler is even talking, he is a sponge – absorbing everything you say! That’s why it’s important HOW YOU talk to your toddler in order to help him learn to talk. This is especially true if your child is a late talker, has special needs, or is in speech therapy.   Three things that I do with my clients in speech therapy and with my own toddler are called Parallel Talk, Self-Talk and Expansion.   Below I’ll go over each of these ideas – they are really simple to incorporate into your day! And keep reading to learn more about how to determine what level to talk to…

  • Speech therapy at home with cooking

    Get Your Toddler Talking: How to Let Your Toddler Help in the Kitchen

    Here is the first in our series of posts on “How to Get Your Toddler Talking Using Cooking Activities.” Hope you enjoy! Cooking with your child is a great opportunity for all types of learning - especially language development. Plus, it is a great bonding experience that could lay the foundation for cooking together as your child grows! Extra bonus of cooking with your kids: They are more likely to try new foods when they feel a part of the cooking process, have handled the food, and have a sense of pride about what they helped to make! Case in point - Sylvie eating a green bean (She usually turns…

  • speech therapy at home to get toddler talking with sensory bin

    Get Your Toddler Talking with a Halloween Sensory Bin

    This Halloween sensory bin for toddlers was a hit in our house! And as a bonus I got everything I needed from the dollar store. Not only was this a great interactive activity to work on language development and fine motor skills, but Sylvie also played with it independently (but supervised since she still occasionally puts things in her mouth) for 20 minutes!

  • Easy to follow tips for parents to get toddlers talking with simple toys like stacking blocks. Great for child language development. #languagedevelopment #latetalker #speechtherapy #speechtherapyathome #earlyintervention Website has easy tips for parents for speech therapy at home

    Ready, Set, Crash! Sylvie Loves Stacking Blocks

    Sylvie has loved her stacking blocks since she could sit up well. I’ve had this set of Melissa and Doug stacking blocks for several years - since before she was even born because it was always a favorite in speech-language therapy for the 1-4 age range. You might already have a set of stacking blocks at home - any set is great! These are my favorite because 1) they are wooden and make a great “crash” when you knock them down 2) each side is color-coded for a different category of animal so blue=water animals, red = farm animals, orange = zoo animals and green=woodland animals.