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    5 WH Questions Speech Therapy Activities (Lots of Visuals!)

    Today I’m going to focus on some activities you can use to work on Wh questions in speech therapy with students who are new(-ish) to working on Wh- questions. I have used these activities with students on the autism spectrum and with students who use AAC, so I tend to incorporate visuals whenever possible. Routine Questions This is a great way to work on functional Wh- questions, particularly with students with minimal expressive language. You can even start your session with the same few Wh- questions each time. Some examples include: What did you eat for breakfast/lunch/snack? (depending on when you see the student) What color is your shirt today?…

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    Simple Inference Speech Therapy Activity

    Trouble with Inferencing I was working with a student a couple of years ago, and I wanted to introduce simple inference speech therapy activities. His comprehension skills and working memory were areas of need. I knew I needed to start with a very simple inferencing activity. I tried reading inference cards made by one of the big companies that were just a couple of sentences long, but they were still really tricky for him. Even simple inferences was really tricky for this student – he just couldn’t quite make that “jump.” He was getting discouraged and didn’t really understand how to generate the answers. Adding Visuals to an Inference Speech…